Valley Empire Collections

Professional and Experienced Debt Recovery since 1976.

Valley Empire is dedicated to providing optimum recovery of debt to our clients through professional and efficient debt collection practices. Valley Empire’s history and experience in the collection industry dates back to 1976. Being located in the Inland Northwest provides measurable and distinct advantages in collecting debt. Over the last several decades, Valley Empire has worked with over 4,000 clients to bring about continued higher recoveries. Valley Empire is committed to providing quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction to creditors and is highly regarded in the business community. The foundation of our business is to maximize recoveries on delinquent accounts, while maintaining high business standards.

Valley Empire is a locally owned agency with a foundation of confidence and trust established with our clients. With over 30 years of service to our customers, our goals remain the same: professional debt recovery, and better service with high returns to our clients at competitive prices. Our staff, management, and production teams are highly trained professionals who are the key to our successful recovery of debt for our clients. Our large and diverse database allows for high rates of success in recovering debt for our clients. With over one million debtor records in our system, approximately 72% of the accounts assigned have a prior history in our database which helps us to quickly determine how to best recover unpaid debts.

We have invested heavily in information technology and continue to evolve to fit the needs of our clients. This helps to aid our staff in finding current information on debtors which leads to faster collections of debt. Valley Empire makes every attempt to collect unpaid debts without having to perform legal action. However, some consumers will only pay their debts when legal action is initiated. Valley Empire has years of legal experience and knows how to collect money through civil legal action.

Valley Empire is an active member of the Washington Collector's Association: American Collector's Association, and is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local laws obtaining to debt collection.

Valley Empire conducts business 12 hours per day (Monday-Friday 8am-8pm) to maximize recovery for our clients.

Licensed in Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.